Formation gestion de crise
Formation gestion de crise
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Formation gestion de crise

Change Management :
Adjustable training program
Change management consulting and training
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1. Characterizing change management concepts

2. Identifying change management main targets

3. Defining main changes to take place in my organisation

4. Diagnosing one's organisation ability to transform  :
      - Understanding transformation strategic issues
      - Generating and promoting a shared view on the 
         transformation strategy
      - Defining conditions and key success factors regarding
      - Mapping the transformation risks and identifying the main 
        enablers to change (external factors, governance, products
        and services, management practices, skills, IT, other

Altair delivers participants with methodologies and tools to be
immediatly applied in workgroups to analyze and diagnose
one's organisation ability to transform.
Access our change management consulting services :
- Change management consultiing services
- Organisation development consulting
- Psychosocial diagnosis and prevention plan
- Risk management
- Crisis management

Formation gestion de crise
Fomation gestion de crise
Formation gestion de crise
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Transformation  Gouvernance  Risques
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simulation de crise
Formation gestion de crise

your training session
Educational content to be adjusted to our
clients' change managment specificities
(activity,culture, organisation, ongoing or
upcoming changes, etc.).
Formation gestion de crise
Change management training sessions educational principles

High interactivity with participants enabled by our change management experts' profile
focused on an accelerated competencies transfer.

Simulations and cases to develop practical  skills

Developping one's change management plan  with possibility for our consultants to follow-up the implementation beyond the training session
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Etude de Sureté et de Sécurité publiques
Change Management Training Cycle
Etude de Sureté et de Sécurité publiques
Understanding changes to be
implemented in one's organisation
Etude de Sureté et de Sécurité publiques
Formation gestion de crise
Understanding the purposes and features of
changes in external and internal environment
and performance drivers

Quickly adapting to new business 
strategy, organization and systems and
developing action plans including all
necessary steps to facilitate their
implementation in terms of HR
management, process management,
communication or training

Identifying and managing risks in project

Understanding and managing employees and
staff’s resistance to change

1. Identifying transformation enablers and resistance
    factors to change into one's department or service

2. Managing resistance factors
      - Impact analysis and scenarii modeling using an
        interactive approach
      - Defining and implementing a communication plan
      - Defining and implementing a training program

3. Overcoming resistance factors
      - Participants' role-playing
      - Simulations based on cases targeting main changes to
        be managed in a loath environment
      - Participants'feedback and lessons learned

4. Developing change management plan
      - Presentation of a change management planning framework
      - Developping one's change management plan with interactive
        support of our change management experts.
Formation gestion de crise
Implementing targeted changes
in one's organisation
Formation gestion de crise
Etude de Sureté et de Sécurité publiques
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